Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week #2 - Mexico City MTC - August 14, 2014

Hey all,

Here is Spencer's letter this week. He sounds like he is really thriving. I knew he would! He is a very spiritual person and has always craved being in a spiritual setting. I also love to hear how optimistic he is about everything through his letters each week!

Before he left for Mexico, we heard a lot about how the missionaries get sick at the MTC very soon after they first arrive. Whether it is the difference in food, the water, or a bug that goes around, no one knows for sure, but luckily Spencer didn't get sick (so far!). I'm so relieved! I've been praying that he wouldn't. The MTC gives each missionary a filtered water bottle, and I sent probiotics for Spencer to use, so hopefully those have helped him.

My phone alerts me every time that Spencer sends me an email. The last few weeks, I've been able to get on the computer while he is still there and have a email conversation with him. What a sweet blessing that's been for me. It's been wonderful!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading the letters that I post and also those who have been writing him! I also truly appreciate your prayers on his behalf.

Love, Julie

Dear Family and Friends,

Life here at the CCM is fantastic, but the days all seem very similar. I will name some of the key or memorable parts...

So, Monday is a normal day. We study and have class in the morning and Gym time before lunch. In the afternoon we have study time, then TALL (Technology Assisted Language Learning) on the computer, and then afternoon class. Dinner and study time is the rest of the night. It's the same every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Tuesday night is pizza night for dinner which is something my whole district looks forward to because most of them complain about the food. Honestly I like the food. The only thing I had I didn't like was banana soup...blah! Thursday is my P-day which is always a lot of fun and Sunday we have sacrament meeting and devotionals. We usually have a area seventy from Mexico speak to us!

My Spanish is gradually getting better but still needs a lot of improvement! A few days ago me and my companion, Elder Neeley, were in one of our classes and our teacher, Hermano Salvador, made us go outside and practice talking to people, like other missionaries and maintenance workers and stuff. I assumed all the maintenance workers were Mormon because every time we walk by them they will say "Hola élderes!" But apparently most of the them aren't members because we approached one of them and started talking. It was kind of hard to understand him because he talked really fast, but he said to us something about "siete esposas" which means 7 wifes. Me and my companion were like, "No, No... cero esposas!" Haha! It was actually pretty funny! 

Also within this past week we had an epidemic here! 100 cases of upset stomachs and umm... Well, I will let you guess what that leads to...  Haha! But the baños were not pleasant! I didn't get sick but most of the rest of my district did. See? Being a germaphobe has it's advantages!

Oh, and one of the coolest Elders you will meet, Elder Winn, who is an Elder in my district ended up eating spider by accident! I still don't know how that happened but apparently it crawled in his cereal and he didn't see it and he ate it! Everyone else was like "Elder...there was a spider in your food and you just ate it!" Haha... Oh my goodness, it was hilarious!

During gym time I usually play volleyball with Elder Winn, and my companion and Elder Winn's companion play Foosball (my companion is seriously a pro at Foosball). The natives or Hispanics always play volleyball, too! They seem to really like it! But I don't think they fully understand the game because some of them kick the ball around! Haha! They are super fun!

Anyway, the new missionaries entering the MTC this week are telling us a bunch of interesting things... Apparently Robin Williams committed suicide? And Syria is bombing Israel, as well as a Earthquake that happened in Quito...Yikes! Is the world ending? 

I enjoy all of your letters! Thank you so much for thinking of me. It really means a lot! I really love it here at the CCM! I'm sorry I can't write a longer email because I have limited time to do so. But it has been fantastic here! It's so spiritual all the time, as well as crazy fun! I hope you guys enjoy your week! Until next week... :) 

Elder Dyal

 About to go workout at the gym with his companion, Elder Neeley

Spencer with Elder Winn

The CCM President Pratt and his wife

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