Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week #4 - Mexico City MTC - August 28, 2014

Hey all,

Spencer sent lots of pictures this week!! He told me the first few pictures were taken when he went with his district to the Mexico City temple several weeks ago, and the last two were taken this morning. The others are random ones taken the last couple of weeks. He also wanted me to mention to everyone that he will be in Ecuador in less than two weeks. Please feel free to start sending letters now because he has learned that it takes an average of two weeks for letters to get from the USA to Ecuador. On the blog, there is a "Write Me" tab at the top. Click on it and it will direct you to a page with his address in Ecuador.

Love you all,


Dear Family and Friends,

Well, the week has really flown by and life is pretty good here at the CCM!

Every Sunday during our Sacrament Meeting, the branch presidency calls about 8 missionaries to give a talk in church. You aren´t asked in advance so everyone has to prepare a talk and be ready to give it if called. Noone has any idea if you are going to get called to speak until our branch president, President Suaste is on the pulpit and announces your name. (Oh, and BTW, the talk has to be in Spanish.) I was so sure that I was going to give a talk last week. It was the best one I had prepared yet, but unfortunately I wasn´t called...Hmm, well, my next and only chance is next Sunday. The following Sunday after that is fast Sunday and then I´ll be in Ecuador! 

Since I only have 2 weeks left at the CCM, my teachers have been getting increasingly more strict about everyone speaking only Spanish. No English allowed! My morning teacher Hermano Salvador, marks a tally every time he hears a word in English and at the end of class every tally mark equals a push up for the entire class. In the beginning, we would have 15 to 20 push ups at the end of class, but yesterday it was only 8. Slowly but surely our Spanish is getting better! In fact, I feel my English is getting harder and harder to speak. Haha! Now it´s actually kind of hard to teach any of the lessons in English. Me and my companion tried speaking English a few days ago as practice with one of our teachers, Hermana García, and it was weird! Almost difficult...

About 6 weeks or so ago, the CCM got the largest group of incoming missionaries that they ever had. And this last Monday and Tuesday they all left, so it´s been noticeably less crowded and more quiet. Our zone leaders from District 13-C left with that group, as well with the rest of District 13-C, and we were pretty close with them so it´s been hard to see elders that you were close with leave

Our district is kind of mischievous, for lack of a better word...haha! We started this game where we try to steal each others name tag without them noticing! You get a point (yes we keep track) if you steal it without them noticing, and 3 points if you steal the maestros name tag. You automatically win the game if you steal the branch president´s name tag (President Suaste) or the CCM president (President Pratt). Although I really don´t think anyone is stupid enough to do that. Haha!

Anyway, I know I say this every week, but thank you to everyone for their letters! I really, really enjoy reading them all! I´m sorry if I am not able to reply but I promise I always read them and they mean so much to me! All of you are amazing! I love you all! Thank you for the prayers and support! Have an awesome week! 

Elder Dyal

 Elder Dyal and his companion Elder Neeley in the Mexico City Temple Visitor Center

 Elder Dyal, Elder Winn and Elder McPhie
(Looks like purple tie day with his district members at the temple)

 Elder Shanklin, Elder Dyal and Elder Thomas, his district leader 

 Elder McPhie, Elder Dyal and Elder Winn

Spencer's roomates... Elder Perkins and Elder Dickson

 Hermana Williams and Hermana Coombs
 Spencer with his entire district

 Spencer by the entrance sign of the CCM

 A close-up picture by the entrance sign

 Spencer labeled this picture "P-Day Eve"

 Elder McPhie and Elder Winn stealing name tags!

Spencer with Elder Shanklin and Elder Dickson getting ready to work out on P-day this morning
(Don't know what the penguin is about though....)

Spencer labeled this one "My companion and I are anxiously engaged in missionary work"

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