Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Week #5 - Mexico City MTC - September 4, 2014

Hey all,

Spencer has 5 more days left! He told me he will send a final email next Monday before he leaves. Hopefully to give more specific details because all I know right now is that he leaves very early on Tuesday morning (2:15 am), has a connection in Columbia, and estimates he'll arrive in Quito around 8 or 9 am. He'll be allowed to call us from the airport while he is waiting for his flight. It will be very late, but I don't care! Too excited to speak with him!

Also, Spencer forwarded an email that his Mission President and his wife sent him this week. It had a lot of interesting facts about the Ecuador Quito North mission. They also spoke about how much they love and pray for their missionaries. It was a lovely letter. I will post it to the blog.

Love, Julie


Dear Family and Friends,

Well it´s happening again...Graduation Day! Goodness, it´s sad and exciting at the same time! My flight leaves next Tuesday at 2:15am. Yes, practically in the middle of the night! I´m flying to Columbia, then onto Quito. I will probably be there around 8 or 9am. That´s going to be a fun night! Haha! :p

Here at the CCM, I have made so many awesome friends! We are planning a reunion when we get back, but it will be so much easier for everyone else. Both of the Hermanas and my companion already went to BYU Provo, and everyone else is either going to go to BYU when they get home, or another college that is close. That may be hard for me if I´m in Idaho or Michigan...I guess if it doesn´t work out for me, there is always heaven I suppose. Haha! :)

But enough about the future. This past week, the weather has been kinda rainy. Also a few nights ago while I was running outside with my companion and Elder McPhie, we came back to the casa and the power had gone out. So we played this weird hide and seek game until it was time for bed, where everyone hides except one person. Then that person randomly says "clap" and everyone claps. It´s actually really scary especially when you are "it" in the dark! Elder Winn said he saw it in a horror movie.

At the CCM, you have to be on your toes at all times, especially in my District. You may get your name tag taken or other various sorts of embarrassing and/or annoying things that can and will happen to you. When we are not in class or studying, we play all these crazy, weird games to lighten the stress. Missionaries (well most of them) are hard working but also love to have fun! Although we all join in and play these games, there are 2 missionaries who go above and beyond. Elder Winn and my district leader Elder Thomas have been going back and forth pranking each other for a long time. Elder Winn took Elder Thomas´s pillow and has been hiding it. And yesterday he sprayed a bunch of cheap air freshener on it. It was a very strong smell when he finally found it. To get him back, Elder Thomas took his 200 dollar pen (yes, 200 dollars, I know) and drew all over his belly button and stomach with it. Needless to say, this may go on for a while, especially since Elder Thomas slept without a pillow last night because it smelled so strong. He was not happy. :)  

Recently for some unknown reason, my district got super into paper airplanes. For like two days straight when we found the time, we were all just making paper airplanes to see who had the best one. My companion and Elder Winn took it to the next level, so to speak, and made huge airplanes with construction paper. Today they went to the top of one of the buildings and threw them out the window to see whose would go farther. It was actually sadly disappointing. Both of them just plummeted to the ground and made it barely 5 feet from the building. Oh well. Haha!

Today we played what we call "Futbol de cage" or cage soccer which is basically like indoor soccer. Today we played with an Elder who played soccer for BYU. Goodness, I felt like was playing against Mesi! We put up a good fight though. I felt like I have gotten a lot better at soccer since I left. Oh, and I also got my hair cut today. I couldn´t really tell the lady who cut my hair how I wanted it because she didn´t speak very good English. I don´t know how many inches I want off the top or the sides or whatever, so there was absolutely no way I could tell her how I wanted it cut. She just went to work and cut it though. I think that happens a lot at the CCM because she didn´t even bother asking me how I wanted it cut or anything. Haha! But I think it looks pretty good!

Anyways, the CCM is a really spiritual place even though we like to have a lot of fun! My Spanish is coming along. A little better all the time I hope. The hardest thing about it, in my opinion, is actually speaking it. I can usually understand what people are saying, more or less, but only if they are not speaking ridiculously fast or using a lot of words I don´t know. But I know with the Lord´s help I will eventually be able to speak it fluently. I have already seen so many miracles here. I know that the Lord watches over us and he blesses us so much! Thank you, as always, for your support for me and your prayers in my behalf!

Elder Dyal

(Pictures he sent this week -- Click on picture to enlarge)

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