Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week #13 - Cayambe, Ecuador - October 27, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

So this has been a very interesting week. Actually it was pretty awesome too!

So my new companion Elder Caballero doesn't know Cayambe at all, so I was really nervous at first because i didn't feel like I knew the area very well even though I have been here 6 weeks. But I have been the leader this week and I found out that I knew it better than I thought. :)

The first night teaching with him was interesting because I didn't know the way he would teach and I had to lead the conversation because he didn't know any of the people. That was a new expereince for me. The first person we taught was a man named Fernando. It really wasn't a lesson though. It was mostly him talking about how he believed that all religions are equal. My companion and I didn't really have high hopes for him progressing but he surprised us yesterday when he showed up to church. That's 2 attendances! One more and we can baptize him if he decides that is what he wants to do. What a mircale that was!

The second lesson with Elder Caballero was with a new member family. Interesting story. It was kind of late as we were passing by their house and we saw the husband getting dropped off by a taxi. We thought it was perfect timing, right? Well we started talking to him and he was acting really weird. Weirder than normal and extremely emotional. It took me a while to figure out he was drunk. He kept insisting that we come inside his home even though his wife was against it because he was clearly drunk and she wasn't happy. Ironically, he wanted us to teach them about the Word of Wisdom. After a few minutes of him arguing with his wife, he turned to me and I told him that to teach a lesson we needed the spirit present. With all the arguing in his current condition, we told him it probably won't be possible. I asked his wife if this happens a lot and she said it didn't. It was a pretty interesting experience. I haven't been around someone so drunk like that before. It was so hard to understand him. Ugh! 

A few days later we went to the Relief Society Presidents's house for lunch. Their family reminds me of a family in my ward back home...The Lowder Family. They always have a lot of people over and their 2 sons are like the Latino versions of the Lowder's sons, Tyler and Zac. And the Father is the first counselor in the branch presidency. Do the Lowder's have Latino relatives? Haha! Anyway while we there, their Grandma and a bunch of random kids from their neighborhood were finding guinea pigs and killing them. They had pile of dead guinea pigs! We even saw the Grandma break one of guinea pig's necks. Yeah...it's always an interesting day when you see a 70 year old lady killing a small animal. Not a very lovely sight. 

Well it didn't surprise us that when we returned the next day for lunch, that first of all, there were a million people all over their house, and second, we were given plates filled with tons of meat. My companion and I looked at each other because we both knew what we were eating. Honestly, it didn't taste bad at all. Though I do admit that there was some intestines or something like that which tasted...interesting. My companion said he saw hair on some of his meat...Haha! 

Today for our p-day, we played a lot of soccer with the elders in our new area. Apparently some of them were surprised at how good I was. I love soccer but I'm not as good as they are. Oh, well! Thanks guys! Haha!

Yet again we didn't have a baptism last Saturday because none of our investigators show up to church the week before. But finally, this Sunday, our investigator named Antionio showed up to church. He is the coolest guy. He loves missionary work and goes around teaching like a missionary would! Yesterday he brought one of his friends to church! I can't wait for the moment he gets baptized!

Anyways, besides that I don't have anything else that is new to tell you. My new companion and I see eye to eye a lot more than I did with my other companion. Even though I know the area better, he is still my trainer. I have to have a trainer for 12 weeks. Since I am still in training, we have different stuff we need to study during companion study.

As always thank you for your prayers in my behalf! Have a great week! 

Elder Dyal

Spencer and his companion Elder Caballero after playing soccer on their P-day (10/27/14)
He said they were outside playing soccer for so long that he got sunburned on his face.

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