Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week #18 - East Quito, Ecuador - December 1, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

So this last week marked the end of my time in Cayambe. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about transferring to a new area. I began packing on Friday, just in case, and my companion and my district leader thought it was hilarious. Although unfortunately, I was lazy at taking pictures with all my investigators and recent converts, so I'm disappointed now that I don't have nearly as many pictures as I would have liked... :/ Although, I was able to go around and talk with most of them before I left. A lot of them seemed bummed that I was leaving, which surprised me. It feels nice that they would miss me. :p

So on Sunday night, I was in my district leader's house waiting to get the call from the zone leaders about which missionaries will be transferring and where they are transferring to. Only DL's and ZL's and the sister missionaries have phones, so we don't, which is why I had to wait at my district leaders house to find out. Anyway, come to find out, my packing wasn't in vain! I was going to be put in the zone that I really wanted! Quito este (east), which is the zone that is the closest to the church offices. I was so happy and I'm still super happy now! :D 

Now I'm in the big city, and it has quite a few differences here that I have noticed so far. There are a lot more missionaries in this area. I also haven't been use to seeing tall buildings and skyscrapers when I was in Cayambe. And there are lots more people here...it's a lot more crowded! People have told me it's much harder to find people who are willing to talk to you in Quito. The people here I guess are less interested in religion or something, but we'll see...that's only what I have heard. I really like it here so far though. Actually the church offices aren't technically in my mission. They are in the Quito mission, but both the Quito Norte Mission and Quito Mission share them.

My old companion, Elder Caballero, is now a DL and he is staying in Cayambe. We found out that there will only be one set of elders in Cayambe now, so my old house is not going to be used for missionaries anymore. Elder Caballero thinks it is going to be pretty stressful for only one set of missionaries because Cayambe seemed a big area for 2 sets of missionaries. Now it's going to be an even bigger area for the one set! I wish the best for Elder Caballero though.

My new companion is Elder Gonzalez. He is from Chile and seems like a pretty cool guy. From what I have seen so far, he knows a lot more English than my other companions did. Elder Arcaya and my district leader both told me he is super crazy but also pretty awesome. I don't know him very well yet but he does seem like a pretty awesome guy. I'm glad that I have another Latino companion. Actually, one of the sisters in my old area is related to him. Weird!

Anyways, thank you for always keeping me in your prayers. I hope you guys are as happy as me, although I doubt it! ;p I love you all! You are amazing! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Dyal

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