Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week #19 - East Quito, Ecuador - December 8, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Goodness, this week has been full of so many things! I only hope that I will be able to remember them all...

So, my current companion's former companion, apparently had a kind of "I don't care attitude" from what I have heard. And oh my goodness, the house certainly showed it! He left behind sooooo many things...it's ridiculous! Shoes, bed sheets, shampoo, underclothing, and a backpack. Although I shouldn't complain too much because he also left a watch which was something I needed cuz I lost my other one. I was feeling pretty naked without one! :p Also he left a big bottle of lotion which was good cuz I was running low. But the house was so disorganized; pamphets, pencils, and papers everywhere. The trash can was extremely full and infested with flies!! And I'm not even going to talk about the bathroom! Needless to say, I had a talk with my companion about how things are going to be different here with me!

My new area or sector is huge!!!!! It takes a good 10 minute bus ride from one end to the another. And in my zone, there are missionaries from my group from when we arrived in Ecuador. It was great to see them again and will be awesome to work with them. My area is nicknamed "The Garden of Eden" I think mostly because it has a mall in it called "Quicentro". However, as massive and awesome as it is in my new area, I was really surprised to learn that we have no investigators or any less actives. I almost didn't believe my companion when he told me that. So needless to say, I came up with a campaign of tracting to as many houses as I could here, which my companion didn't like so much. The people are a lot harder to talk to about the church and I was surprised to hear that so many people here don't believe in God. That's unheard of in Cayambe. But after a while, I stopped counting the number of people telling us "No Gracias". We got maybe 3 people who were interested in talking to us or having us come back again. Unfortunately, it's been difficult to find a time to actually meet with them and their families. Although, we do have a ton of recent converts who have given us many references, but out of the ones we've contacted so far, only 2 are actually interested. 

So, even though it's much harder to do missionary work in Quito than it was in Cayambe, I have really enjoyed it here this last week. I'm now in an actual ward instead of a branch which is great. And the members are awesome! One thing I've noticed in the ward, and really in all of Quito, is there are a lot of people who look like North Americans. Actually a lot of people here are of German descent, but also most of them are Ecuadorian that just have light skin. This has been a bit different. It's not as unusual here as it was in Cayambe to see a "gringo" walking down the street.

And P-day today was awesome! We went to Quicentro and went bowling with the zone leaders and some other missionaries in the Calderon area of Quito. Although, the Latinos bowl very differently. It took awhile to get use to...they were practically throwing the ball down the lane instead of rolling it. It was a bit humorous! ;p

I got the Christmas package that my mom sent to me. I was so happy to see the Christmas tree, which is awesome! I hung it on the wall in my apartment and now it feels a little more like Christmas. :p Although also with the tree, to my surprise came a binder full of testimonies from my family and friends. Wow! It's soooo amazing!!! I can't begin to describe my thanks to all of you! Your testimonies and words have such power in them! I felt the spirit so strongly! While I was reading them, I had this thought: If I am able to feel the spirit so strongly reading these beautiful testimonies, how much more awesome would it be if a non-member was able to read or hear these. So, this is my challenge for all of you: Share with at least one non-member your testimony of the gospel like you did with me this week. Your testimonies have such power! They deserve to be shared!! This is my challenge for all of you...take it or leave it, but I promise if you share your testimonies, you feel the joy I feel everyday sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ!

Have an amazing week everyone! Thank you so much again for your testimonies. They have truly strengthened mine!

Elder Dyal

A picture of the paper Christmas tree (and string of lights) that we sent Spencer.
We also made handmade paper ornaments that he could put on the tree.

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