Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week #20 - East Quito, Ecuador - December 15, 2014

Dear family and friends,

This has been a interesting and a very full week. I'm starting to notice a pattern here in Quito (interesting and full!)...Haha!

On Tuesday my companion and I went on divisions with the ZL's. We taught a short lesson to a guy who has been taking the discussions and who committed to baptism a few weeks earlier. My companion and I went back to visit him a few days later but for some reason, this time we met him in a weird back alley area. While we were talking to him, we were confronted by a lady who didn't like us being there. She made a huge scene and yelled at us and told us to leave. Every time we have returned to that same area, there has been a person or a group of people who have yelled at us. So, not surprisingly the guy we were teaching didn't come to church on Sunday. Either that or he forgot...he was an older gentleman, like 80 something years old or something.

My "campaign" that I spoke of last week of giving as many lessons as possible has been falling apart. This week we have mostly concentrated on the people that my companion and I or previous missionaries have contacted about the church. Most of these contacts told us that they have lost interest or that they have decided to stay with their other church...Usually the Catholic church or Jehovah Witnesses. So I have decided to try a different approach. I looked in the area book for people we don't know, instead of ones we have contacted or lost interest. We'll see if that works...We keep praying for people who will be interested in learning and have interest in coming to church.

Although really what made this week hard is the difficulties between me and my new companion. We've only been together for 2 weeks and he has been very unpredictable and we've had a rough time getting along! We don't see missionary work the same way. He doesn't follow the rules and doesn't like to work as hard as I think we should. We've had many talks about it this week, and I'm hopeful it will get better, but I don't know. I'm mostly concerned because I feel like the spirit isn't with us when it should be. If that's the case, then no one is going to want to listen to us...So this is crucial! But looking at the positive side, I have found out that it's been helpful to me because I have been the one who has been making sure we stay on task.  I also do all the planning, revise the area book, and all the stuff like that. It's helping me become a better leader and hopefully be a good example. 

The ward had a Christmas talent show this weekend. They asked the missionaries to do something for it so we preformed a skit. It was about a new missionary, which of course was played by me (because I am the newest). The skit started with me at the airport as I was leaving to go on my mission. I left my girl friend at the airport, who said she was going to wait for me. In the next scene, I got a letter in the MTC from her and got really excited. Then I got a new companion who was super happy to have me as a companion. I was beyond excited. We began talking to people on the street but then I got sprayed in the face with water and robbed while my companion ran for his life and left me behind. Then I got a dear john letter from my girlfriend saying she married my brother instead. But in the end we ended up baptizing the robbers because one of the things they robbed was my Book of Mormon and they read it and wanted to be baptized. It was pretty funny. Although, now the entire ward now asks me if my girlfriend has married my brother yet! Hahaha!

So, that was a brief summary of my week. I hope you guys had a wonderful week and hopefully had a chance to bear your wonderful testimonies with someone. Thank you for all your prayers. I always need them, especially right now! I love you all!

Elder Dyal

 The Castano Family with Elder Dyal and Elder Caballero
They were one of the very first families that Spencer taught when he first arrived in Cayambe and was companions with Elder Arcaya
 Elder Dyal and some of the kids in his branch when he was in Cayambe

Elder Dyal and his new companion

He hung the Christmas tree up on the wall 

Elder Dyal is bowling on P-day last week 

Bowling on P-day last week

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