Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week #34 - Calderón, Ecuador - March 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty interesting, especially the weather. I have been in the Quito area for more than 4 months now and I've noticed that it hardly ever rains here. It can be gray and overcast a lot but not rainy. If it does rain, it's a bit unusual. Well, most of this week it has been rainy. About 5 out of the 7 days this week it has rained off and on making it hard to do anything. When I was in Cayambe, it rained all the time, almost every other day or so. So this weather reminded me a lot of when I was in Cayambe (my first area).

On Friday, we had training with the mission president. I probably shouldn't be negative about it but everytime we have one of these it takes up so much time and can get really boring. This time it took 7 1/2 hours!

On Saturday and Sunday, we had stake conference. We had Carlos Godoy, a member of First Quorum of the Seventy attend because the stake president was released after being stake president for 8 years! Elder Godoy is from Brazil. He spoke really good Spanish but I could tell he had a different accent. When his wife spoke, she had a super thick Portuguese accent. I have never heard Portuguese before, much less a Portuguese accent, so when she spoke it sounded like a mixture of French and Spanish to me. I enjoyed listening to Elder Godoy speak. He was a good speaker and was also really funny.

During Elder Godoy's talk, he called up one of the reactivated brethren that my companion and I teach every week named Brother Viscaiño to come up to the stand with him. Brother Viscaiño gave his testimony at the beginning of the stake conference and talked about how he was reactivated by the missionaries. Elder Godoy asked Brother Viscaiño a bunch a questions including why he decided to come back to the church. Then he asked him, "Who were the missionaries who found you?" Brother Viscaiño named the missionaries that were here before us, Elder Bustillo and Elder Keyes. He also said that they aren't here anymore. Then Elder Godoy asked, "Well, who are the missionaries that are teaching you now?" My companion and I looked at each other and I heard my companion mumble, "oh no". Then he told Elder Godoy that the missionaries were Elder Galiego (my companion) and then he paused and mumbled,"uhhhhhh...." into the microphone and scratched his head. He didn't remember my name! Elder Godoy finished his answer by saying "...and his companion." Elder Godoy then invited us up to join him on the stand, along with the Bishop, the Elder's quorum president, the Mission leader, and a few others. I was a bit embarrassed that he didn't remember my name after we visit him 3 or 4 times every week for the last 4 weeks now. And that it all happened in front of the mission president and a general authority! Anyways, after the meeting, the mission president came up to me and said, "Looking famous up on the stand, huh?" I didn't know if he was joking or not! :p But it is definitely an interesting story to remember, but something that I hope doesn't happen again...

The next day, I asked Brother Viscaiño if he remembered my name and he said, "Yes! Elder Dyals!" Hmmm...well close enough, I guess. Also during the conference on Sunday, my companion needed to go to the restroom, so I waiting outside and this little girl kept trying to be silly and tried pulling me in the girl's bathroom. She also somehow took my favorite pen and started running around the church with it. After the conference was over, I tried looking for her but she had already left...I wouldn't have had much of a problem with it but it was my favorite pen with 4 colors! Hmmm...she's not going to get away with this! I will find her! Haha! ;p

Besides the rain, training for 7 hours, Brazilian accents, being embarrassed in front of the whole stake with the president and a general authority there, and losing my favorite pen, the rest of my week was pretty typical....missionary work like always!

I wish every one of you a good week! Be sure to watch out for little girls who steal pens! :p And may the Lord "rain" his blessings on each one of you! Until next week...

Elder Dyal 

 Brother Viscaiño's daughter, Celeste with Elder Galiego
(She doesn't normally have glasses or nametags!)

Celeste with Elder Dyal

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