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Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #35 - Calderón, Ecuador - March 30, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Each time changes come closer (one week away), I always have a weird mix of feelings...of excitement and nervousness. Not knowing where I am going to go next really sucks sometimes, and the anticipation of the changes leaves all the missionaries on the edge of their seats until Sunday night. I've heard that some other missions get their changes on Saturday night though...

According to the mission leader in my ward, Elder Galiego and I are one of the best companionships he has ever seen. It was a bit funny what he said about us though. He said we were a perfect combination of attributes. Elder Dyal with the "pure love of Christ" and Elder Galiego who machetes what he says when he speaks, or meaning that he is a bit strong and direct in what he says (which isn't true at all). Needless to say, my companion didn't really like that interpretation.

I finally feel like the members are starting to remember my name! That is good and encouraging because I feel that means that they have confidence and trust in me as a missionary! True that the majority of them don't say "Dyal" correctly or just fail altogether to look at my nametag long enough to see that my last name doesn't have an "s" at the end of it. But the majority can see my face and remember "Dyals" or something that kind of sounds like Dyal, so I think that's a pretty good accomplishment!

Although I feel I have the most credence with the youth and the primary kids because the little kids always love to bother me and mess around with me. And a lot of the youth like to take my nametag off my jacket when I'm not looking a put it onto their clothes. :p Some of them even try to talk to me in English, but it's usually better if we just stick to Spanish. But its fun to hear their effort which is what counts! hahaha! :p

Speaking of English, I heard just about the worst attempt of someone trying to speak English I have ever heard in my life this week. A sister missionary in another zone came to our zone meeting because she is the sister missionary leader for both the zones. Everyone jokes around with her because she literally laughs at everything! Anyway, she gave a spiritual thought in English during our meeting and I feel like it would have been more spiritual if I actually understood what she said. In all honesty, it sounded like she was speaking Chinese. Every word was spoken with a "cha". For example, her "I like this scripture because..." sounded like, "ChI Chlike Chis Escripchure bechause..." Of course, after she said "Amen" she laughed! Oh, Hermana Berrospi!!! She tried! ;p

We weren't able to have our baptism this Saturday like we planned which was kind of a bummer! Although I now have some worries because this investigator recently introduced us to a guy who we found out this week was living with her and we didn't know. And she didn't introduce him as "my husband" but "the father of Scarlet", her daughter. Goodness...I hope this is just in my head and not reality, and that he is actually her husband. I guess we'll have to confront her and find out. But in better news, 2 of our investigators are getting married in April to people who are members of the church, so they will be able to get baptized by their husband (one of them) and their father-in-law (the other). So we have lots of hope in terms of baptisms next month!!!

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy General Conference and Easter!

Elder Dyal 

Zona Calderón Este

Zona Calderón Este

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