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Monday, April 27, 2015

Week #39 - Calderón, Ecuador - April 27, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been an interesting week...Well, to say that this week has been interesting doesn't even begin to describe my week, really....

Por fin, the 2 investigators we have been teaching finally had their baptismal interviews done, and their baptisms were announced in church on Sunday, so it's finally official! It's now or never, I guess! Hahaha!

Also this week we had a ward activity at the church. It was a ward talent show! Almost every act was musical in some form or other, except the young men and the obra misional. In our case, we didn't plan anything until the very last second with basically no practice at all. Our skit would have been pretty good if we had more practice beforehand, but because we didn't, it was an extreme embarrassment. The mission leader went off what little script we had, and after that, the skit just went completely downhill! My companion said afterwards that a member came up to him and said: "it will be better next time right elders?" Well, let's hope so! Hahaha!

During the week, my companion and I also visited the mission leader's house. They told us they had a surprise for us. The mission leader's wife went to the states recently to watch general conference live and she brought back some stuff that she so kindly shared with us! The best thing of course was that she had Dr. Pepper! Yes!!! Dr. Pepper in Ecuador! It was a miracle and a bit of heaven for us! We almost fainted when we saw it (I guess they also have Dr. Pepper in Guatemala, where my companion is from). Elder Galiego wanted to make a video to brag to all the other Americans in the zone, so we did and almost of the them were jealous, except Elder Lomeli who doesn't drink soda. Hahaha! :p

I am sending a bunch of pictures this week, but if I don't explain some of them, they won't make much sense, so I'll explain a bit about what happened. While we were waiting for a member to come on splits with us, we decided to wait at another member's house la familia Álava. While we were there, 2 of their kids started acting wild and crazy! (One of them is the girl who stole my pen during stake conference....still sad about that one! :p) Well, to make a long story short, these kids are kinda forceful and determined little guys. They like to squeeze our faces around to make silly faces. They first started with my companion, but then I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures. That made it even more hilarious to them. They turned to me and squished my face around, but then we turned on them and squeezed their little cheeks, too....hahaha! They thought it was hilarious! I hope it doesn't become a pattern every time we see them now though. ;p

I guess the climax of my week would be yesterday, when the ZL's called to tell us that Elder Galiego would be involved in the intertransfers (half way between the 6 week transfers). We were surprised to learn that Elder Galiego will be heading to the coast tonight. So, once again I got a new companion. It's actually my first American companion. His name is Elder Higgins. This should be fun and interesting...although I am really sad to see Elder Galiego go! I think he was even more sad though. He didn't want to leave especially since we have 2 baptisms this Saturday... :/

It will definitely be an interesting rest of the transfer this next 3 weeks! Especially since Mother's Day will be at the end of the transfer. Every missionary gets 4 calls home and this will be my second! Goodness the time is flying by! 

Have a good week everyone! Thank you for everything that you do and your prayers on my behalf! 

Elder Dyal

The zone leaders.... It's not raining Elder Ramponi

Having dinner with the district

We had an investigator we were teaching but he moved to a different part of Quito. 
We gave the missionaries in his area a referral. He invited us to his baptism!

We had an investigator we were teaching but he moved to a different part of Quito. 
We gave the missionaries in his area a referral. He invited us to his baptism!

We also saw my first companion Elder Arcaya and his companion Elder Richey at the baptism! 

Squeezing Elder Galiego's face!

 And squeezing my face.....

Taking pictures of the silliness!

 At la familia Álava's restaurant

Eating lunch at la familia Álava's restaurant

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