Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week #44 - Calderón, Ecuador - June 1, 2015

Dear family and Friends,

Not alot going on, but a few things this week to tell you about....

On Friday, my companion and I went on divisions. The entire zone did divisions that day, and we paired off with the ZL's. I was with Elder Tellez and we ended up going to his section...the zone leaders sector. For some reason, I had an impression that their sector was better than mine because they have a lot more active members in their sector, which is true. But for most of the day, we tried inviting members to accompany us as we went tracting and also to our appointments, but we no one was available, and then all of our appointments fell through. :/ But we weren't the only one's. Apparently the whole zone had problems with finding anyone to teach that day. I felt like Elder Tellez and I were just walked around talking to people in the street all day.

We also had a ward activity this week where we watched the movie "17 Miracles." The first time I saw this movie, also on the mission, I was able to keep back most of the tears, but this time I completely lost it! It's a wonderful movie and I definitely recommend it if you haven't watched it. But there should be a warning on the movie box saying something like: "Caution, this is an emotional movie and will make you cry."

Sunday was good. We were hoping for more people to attend church with us though. Although everyone seemed way more rowdy and loud than normal during the majority of the meetings. We also talked to a few people afterwards and they expressed similar feelings. I think I may talk to the bishop so we can try to improve the reverence, especially in sacrament meeting. It's funny, but I don't really remember now if that was a problem in the states or not, but I don't ever remember that being an issue in my ward...

The Tovar family is still nowhere with finding Bro. Tovar. It's hard for us as well because the bishop told us we can't visit them since everything is still under investigation and he doesn't want the church to have any problems with the police. So we are pretty much in the dark like everyone else...

Today was our P-day, and all the missionaries in the area came and we had a party at the church to celebrate the 10 baptisms and 5 rescues (less actives) that happened in May. These are amazing numbers, especially considering that we are the smallest zone in the orient. We only have 12 missionaries! We played kick ball and the sign game which was pretty fun!

Have an amazing week everyone! If you can, please continue to keep the Tovar family in your prayers! I know they really need it.

Elder Dyal

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