Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #47 - Calderón, Ecuador - June 22, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This is most likely the last week of me being in this area...next week is changes! What will happen? So much is going through my head!! I'm almost certain I will move to another area. Although what's happened to the missionaries who have left during the last few changes has got me wondering a bit! Elder Keyes was here for 3 changes and then went to the coast. Elder Galiego was here for 2 and a half changes and also went to the coast. Elder Kerr was in the zone for 3 changes and then went to the coast. Seems like a pattern. I'm preparing myself for anything though. You never know! I think I warned everyone during the last change that if I do end up going to the coast, I might not have time to write next week because it's a long drive to get to get there. The coast is along the western edge of Ecuador right next to the Pacific ocean and it's the most dangerous area of the mission. The mission rules are different there. We have to be in earlier at night. Or it's possible I could go to the orient, which is also a long drive. The orient is to the east along the lowland areas of the rainforest.  So if i don't write next week, it's not because I forgot, it's just that I had no time to do it! :p

One the strange highlights of my week was when I had a bit of a Spongebob moment. For anyone who knows their classic Spongebob episodes will know what I mean. So, I spilled some milk on the floor and when I went to clean it up as I was bending down, my pants completely ripped open! Yes "Ripped Pants!!" Luckily, one of the investigators that we have was able to repair it, but of course, with a price but that's okay. At least it's fixed.

Also, our investigators have just not been progressing. :( It's been a bit frustrating especially because we are having "Noche Blanca" this week with the zone. All the missionaries who have investigators ready for baptism are going to get baptized together on the same day. Even the mission president is going to come. Pretty much everyone in the zone is baptizing someone except for us! :( You can't say we didn't try, but it's disappointing though.

A few days ago in the morning before our study time, all the Elders went to the church and we had a ping pong competition! I didn't win...not even close! I was still half asleep because we woke up at 5:30 in the morning to get there. My former companion, Elder Higgins won! He is actually pretty good. Well, In general he is pretty athletic but his singing could use some practice! Haha! ;p Can't be good at everything!

I wish all the Dads a happy father day! And everyone a wonderful week! Hope you are enjoying summer! It doesn't last forever, unless you are in Ecuador! Ha! ;p

Elder Dyal

 We went to the Templo del Sol (Sun Temple) with my district 
and the Guerrero family last P-day (6/15/15)

Templo del Sol (Sun Temple) with my district

From L to R -- Elder Higgins, Elder Gebs (my companion), Elder Dyal and Elder Tellez

What's actually funny is that Elder Tellez was companions with Elder Gebs while I was companions with Elder Higgins, and then we swapped during the last changes, and even stayed in the same district!

 Our district (the Sisters are Hermana Holbrook and Hermana Castro)

Elder Dyal and Elder Gebs

We found English in Ecuador... pretty rare!
"Thanks for your visit!"

 Careful with that arm Sister Guerrero!

 Inside the museum

Elder Gebs and Elder Dyal

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