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Monday, July 20, 2015

Week #51 - Esmeraldas, Ecuador - July 20, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a long week in Esmeraldas! It's also been pretty effective though!

We are planning to have a baptism this week! Elder Huber and I found him even when he has been attending church for 2 months now. He is the friend of the mission leader's son. His name is Jhonny Saavedra and he is 15. Idk I'm still kinda ify on baptizing a teenager without baptizing his parents but it has worked out in many cases. He becomes a member then goes on a mission. I guess we will have to see...

Other families/people we have that are progressing are familia Àngulo. Hermano Fausto and his "wife" Marìa are planning on getting married, which appearently is rather diffucult to convince people to do. Their only problem is they need money to pay for the wedding...

With everyone else, it's most slow but surely. There are a lot of people that attend church that aren't member but because they aren't married they can't be baptized. There is a lady who has been an investigator for 3 years but because her husband doesn't want to get married, she can't get baptized. It's actually a bit sad how common that is...

What made my week especially difficult was like something that started in Quito. Somehow I got like a weird rash or infection or something on my foot. I called the nurse of the mision and I started putting ointments and creams out it to stop it from hurting and make it go away. At the beginning of this last week, it pretty much went anyway. But on Friday night and Saturday I noticed it started to hurt while walking again so I started putting the stuff on again. But this time in wasn't like scratched or anything, it just swelled up! Sunday and Today have been hard because I can't exactly wear my shoes because they are kinda tight and rub my foot a lot making it worse. And it's not like I can switch pairs of shoes because they are all the same so today I have been wearing a shoe on my right foot and a sliper on my left. I called the nurse again but she just told me to put ice on it then take ibprofen but that hasn't been helping really. It just dulls the pain but doesn't stop the swelling. I asked a lot members and they have given me suggestions and ideas of helping it. I'll start trying their sugestions to see if it works...

Other than that, I had a good week. I hope all of you did as well! And have a great week this week!

Elder Dyal

 The scratches on my foot about 2 weeks ago

 Holding a cacao, an exotic fruit that I've never heard of before.

 Esmeraldas, with an ocean view

 Elder Huber and I in our house today

Elder Huber and I in our house today

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  1. To be entirely fair, cacao isn't exactly an exotic plant. It's the same thing that chocolate is made out of.

    Although we're not exactly used to eating the raw fruit of it, like he is here.