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Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #54 - Esmeraldas, Ecuador - August 10, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was changes again! And for the next six weeks, I will be staying here in Esmeraldas with Elder Huber. Actually I will probably end up "killing" him as they say here (when you are with someone on their last change before they go home).

There have been a lot of holidays in Ecuador lately. It seems like there has been non-stop parties! Today is Independence Day, a national holiday in Ecuador, so there have been crazy parties all day. There also has been lots of people around here that aren't from Esmeraldas. Most are from the providence of Manabi in Ecuador. It's super easy to tell them apart because the people from Manabi have lighter skin.

My foot is pretty much back to normal now. In fact, to be honest I'm not completely sure what I had exactly. I know I said it looked like a worm, but I've talked to 3 different doctors and they each told me I had something different. I don't remember what the names where. I wish I could, but even if I did, I wouldn't be able to translate it. Elder Huber remembered what the first doctor told me. He has been telling everyone it was Leishma├▒iasis (I think that is how you spell it). It is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito or fly or something like that. It seems to make sense to everyone when we tell them that's what I had. 

So, Elder Huber and I haven't much luck with our investigators lately. I think partly it has been because of the non-stop parties. For the last several days it has been hard to find someone who wasn't drunk. And its never a good idea to talk or teach drunk people because they won't be able to feel the spirit or even remember what you told them the next day, but I've been told that it is when the missionaries often get robbed! We are trying our best though. We are just going though a slow progress period right now.

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Enjoy your week! I love you all! Please keep us in your prayers.

Elder Dyal

 Me with Hermana Rosa and her husband

 Hermana Tello's kids named Jossefa and Sheila

Eating a sandwich :)

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