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Monday, September 14, 2015

Week #59 - Esmeraldas, Ecuador - September 14, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

We have had a pretty good week here! My companion is finishing up his last week in the mission, so even though I've been here for 2 transfers already, there's a pretty good chance that I will stay in Esmeraldas for the next transfer so the Mission President doesn't have to send 2 new elders who don't know the area at all. Zona Esmeraldas seems to be the training grounds for new missionaries lately. Since I have been in this area, there have been 3 brand new elders sent here. I just hope the President doesn't get any crazy ideas, if you know what I mean... :p

So, we kinda might sorta have a baptism this week...We have been teaching this family and their 8 year old kid wants to be baptized because he says he understands and believes everything we teach and he comes to church every week. One of his older brothers talked to the branch president to get the permission for his baptism because the branch is technically in charge of children that are 8 and aren't baptized, not the missionaries. But the branch president must have gotten confused because he sent him back to us. Anyway, he turns 9 years old this week and his brother asked us to baptize him. Sure, whatever. The branch continues to feel okay about baptizing children even when their families aren't members. Zona Willy Wonka continues to stay strong I guess! :p

On the other hand, Diana, our teenage investigator, always seems nervous around us. We invited her to attend Gospel Principles with us last week and she almost screamed and ran away at the invitation. Looks like she would rather be with her friends in Sunday School, I guess. As long as she is learning and gaining a testimony of the gospel, that's all that matters. But when we are teaching her, she seems to have problems understanding. She told us she read up to 1 Nephi 17 in four days but didn't understand anything. That seems to be a problem with a lot of our investigators here in Esmeraldas though. In Quito, the challenge was finding anyone who would let us teach them. But here it's just helping people to understand and comprehend the importance of the gospel and it's principals. We could probably "teach" almost everyone here in our sector. Most people are happy to invite us in. But finding people that will attend church, read, and keep the commandments so that they can be baptized seems nearly impossible. Plus, there are a lot of people here that can't read. That's a big issue! :/

This week we have had some interesting experiences with food. A member of the branch who is preparing to go on his mission named Gerson, sold us "Rellena." He's trying to raise money for his mission so we bought it to help him. Rellena is basically pig intestines stuffed with liver and other inside parts of the pig. Elder Huber DID NOT want to eat it! Apparently he already tried it while I was in Quito and he absolutely hated it. But I'm always willing to try new things (at least once). I ate it and it actually wasn't that bad...once you trick your mind into thinking you're not eating all those parts of a pig, then your good. I guess Elder Huber doesn't have that ability...That's were he went wrong I guess... :/ 

Another day last week, we went to visit and teach the Caicedo family. Their family is a mixture of members, less actives, and gang members. One of the teenagers, named Jordan, left the room while we were teaching to go to the bathroom. But for whatever reason he peed in a cup instead of the toilet. (???) Then as joke (I think) he gave it to his Grandma. We all knew what it was, but she didn't and she ended up drinking it and rinsed her mouth with it!!!! Everyone was extremely grossed out! I'm still confused by it all! Did she know what she was rinsing her mouth with? Did Jordan do that on purpose? It was without question one of the grossest things I have ever seen someone do!!! 

Anyway that was my week. The things I have seen and done! Hope you guys have a great and interesting week as well. ;p

Elder Dyal

 My district at Las Palmas Beach

Me at Las Palmas Beach

 Eating Rellena - Wasn't too bad!

A fruit called Guanabana

 Some members of the branch

Some members of the branch

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