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Monday, October 19, 2015

Week #64 - Esmeraldas, Ecuador - October 19, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

We had a fun week this week!

We had training meetings this week with President Richardson and the asistentes which took place last Friday. They were really good and helpful. It really helped us out for the rest of the week with being more prepared physically and spiritually. President Richardson and his asistentes also came and visited our house as well. They wanted to see how it was set up and if everything was working properly, etc. We knew it was going to happen but didn't know when, but it was funny because when we got back to the house, the landlord told us that a "lawyer" with a white head came with 2 other missionaries. Hahaha! That one really made me laugh! And I also didn't realize this but we found out at the meeting that President Richardson will be finishing up his mission at about the same time I will be leaving. So during my last change, I will have 2 mission presidents. That will be interesting!

Speaking of changes, this one has flown by! Today we are starting week 5 and at the end of next week, we will have transfers again. I've been in Esmeraldas for 3 changes, which is just over 4 months, so I'm not expecting to stay here again with Elder Cabezas, but we'll see!

This week in church the attendance was a bit low which was kinda disheartening. Even our branch president, President Tello wasn't there because he had a meeting at the stake center with President Gomez, our stake president. My companion and I gave talks again in church. We are always expected to give talks on the 3rd Sunday of every month. I did some preparation ahead of time since I knew they would ask us to speak. I don't know how my other companions, Elder Huber and Elder Cabezas, can just go off nothing and pull something out of their hats, because that is just not a talent I have. In the past when I have tried to do that, my talk would be like 3 minutes long of basically me fumbling around and trying to straighten my thoughts and get a clear message though. So now I'm always prepared for these talks and now I never need to worry about time. A 15 minute talk is easily done with preparacion.

We also had ward council on Sunday. It seems to be getting a lot better lately...more organized and focused on those that need help in the branch. This week we talked a lot about how we can make the sacrament meetings better and helping everyone be worthy to go to the temple. And we came up with some good ideas. It's been nice to see that President Tello is starting to be more concerned about the meetings being more spiritual with a large broad focus on getting the members to the temple.

Today was P-day, and we had a district activity. We went to the lighthouse by "Las Palmas" beach again. We went along the trail again, but it wasn't as cool this time because unfortunately someone burned a lot of the grass along the path, but we still had a great day.

Hope that everyone has a great week! Love you guys! Thank you for your prayers on my behalf! :)

Elder Dyal

 Elder Dyal and his district on P-day today at Las Palmas beach

 Enjoying a refreshing drink at the beach

 Enjoying a refreshing drink at the beach

 Elder Cabezas and Elder Dyal

 Elder Dyal and Elder Arrieta

Elder Dyal with an ocean view of Las Palmas beach

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