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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #69 - Coca, Ecuador - November 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a great week for us here in Coca.

To start off, Elder Nielson, the zone leader here in Coca, came up with a plan to boast up Rama Orellana so that it has better retention for our recent converts and reactivated members. We started with a training meeting that took place last week with the branch council. We talked to the presidents of the auxiliaries in the branch on how to use binders and files and how to fill everything out to make their calling more organized and simplified. The Sur America Nortoeste area leaders have trained and asked the stake presidents to use these rules to make their stake council more eficaz, so we thought it would be good to also have the branch use it as well.

Another idea of Elder Nielson's was to have a branch activity called "Vuela a Hawaii" which explained the plan of salvation but in a way no one was expecting. It was like this: Everyone started on a free plane ride to Hawaii and were given fake money and told to use it wisely. When we landed in Hawaii, there were a bunch of activities everyone was able to do. There was a movie theater, karaoke, basketball, and also activities that would waste time. In all these kinds of activities, one had to use their money to participate. And then there were activities that you could gain money instead of use it. These activities were a little more boring but had to do with reading scriptures or learning something new, like using your time well. After an hour or so, everyone got back on the plane to go back to Ecuador. But on the plane ride there was a "freak accident" and everyone "died". Then we were in the afterlife and we explained that there was going to be a judgement for their use of time and how much money they still had. Then they were assigned to either the Telestial, Terrestial, or Celestial Kingdoms.

The day that we were suppose to be at the church for that activity, Elder Perez and I had a bunch of difficulties getting there. As we were on the bus going to the church, there was a accident that delayed us almost 2 hours. We had an activity planned during the "money exchange" time, but when we finally made it to the activity, it had already started. So instead, we were judges for the final judgement. We changed into baptismal clothes (in all white) to be judges and then we were angels in the Celestial Kingdom. It turned out to be a really good activity. But some people were upset with the kingdom they were assigned to... :p

On Saturday, the elders of Coca had a baptism in the waterfall of Carachupa Pachka (that name is super funny if you know what cara and chupa mean. Hahaha!). Elder Perez and I attended and we invited 2 of our investigators to come with us. But unfortunately it backfired because the investigators just took it as a opportunity to "pasear" and we also found out that they lied to us about being cousins when instead they were boy-friend and girl-friend living together. That was a frustrating situation... But other than that, it was a good baptismal service. Very spiritual. Apparently the missionaries worked a long time with them and they finally committed to get baptized.

Have a great week everyone! Chao!

Elder Dyal

 Carachupa Pachka

 Carachupa Pachka

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