Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Week #96 - Comité Del Pueblo, Ecuador - May 30, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Well today was transfers and it's the last one I have in the mission. My old companion, Elder Ureta went to Ibarra and I received Elder Alguilar who is from Bolivia. I had known him before in the Orient. And he was actually just in Carapungo in the Calderón zone, so I saw him a lot during the last transfer. He is a pretty cool guy! I'm super glad I will be able to work with him. I told him when we were in the terminal Carcelén with all the other missionaries that I was born (in the mission) with a Bolivian companion and now I will die (in the mission) with one.

This last week we had interviews with President Richardson. It will be the last interviews we have with him before he also finishes the mission. He will be going home soon and a new mission president will come in, pretty much around the same time I am going home. During his visit last week, he made us all read a talk called "Which Way Do You Face," by Lynn G. Robbins in October 2014 General Conference. It's a good talk but the reason he made us read it was because he recently had to send some missionaries home because of behavior issues. Now there are a bunch a missionaries that have been placed into trios. Usually but not always, a missionary goes into a trio when they do something wrong so the leaders of the mission can correct and/or help you. What makes it worse is that in a few weeks we will be getting a new mission president and the poor guy will have little to no experience. I hope the mission can shape itself up in these next few weeks!

Elder Alguilar knows more about the mission chatter than I do. Honestly in all of the time I have been here I have never gotten myself into gossip or known anything about what's been going on. I guess when you are in a Quito zone, it's easier to hear the stuff that's going on because Quito has the most missionaries in it. But even then, nothing comes to my knowledge which I find is a good thing. The more invisible I am to the mission in general, the better off. When my name doesn't come up a lot, the president has more confidence in you because he doesn't need to worry about you. Plus I think you can avoid problems with other people who may be looking to cause trouble. I think I have been so good at not being part of the mission gossip that I'm pretty sure I don't know 50% of the missionaries in my mission, and it's very probable that 50% don't know me either. (hahahaha!)

My biggest goals at this point are finishing my mission off strong! I've been good at keeping with my goals of waking up early to study the scriptures even more and fasting each and every Sunday. It's truly helped me to keep the spirit strong in my life. I don't believe it's too hard to have Heavenly Father's help and to have the spirit there to guide and direct you every day. It's a simple formula really... Just keeping the commandments more fully in your life will help anyone with just that. And then when you go above and beyond, you will get even more blessings. So why not do it!?

The reference we received from the stake president is one of my last miracles, or that's the way I see it. Familia Rosero-Fuan Mayor. We are hoping to baptize the kids on the 11 of June, but it's becoming hard to teach them regularly because Brother Rosero travels a lot for his work. I'm afraid we will have to postpone the date if we can't get all the teachings in. But they are truly an awesome family! The parents and the brother of Sister de Rosero and also Brother de Rosero and his family were all strong members of the church for a really long time, and then they stopped coming to church. I don't understand what made them stop coming but they have come back as if nothing had happened at all. It's been cool to see that transformation in this family.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys your Memorial Day today. Have a great week! 

Elder Dyal

 Elder Dyal taking a turn reading during the interviews with President Richardson

 My new companion, Elder Alguilar from Bolivia

Hailing in Quito

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