Spencer is from Canton, Michigan and is called to serve in the Ecuador Quito North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 2014 - July 2016.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week #98 - Comité Del Pueblo, Ecuador - June 13, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a week full of surprises and fun events.

On Wednesday, everyone in my group that is going home in July had a dinner with President and Sister Richardson. Since the President will be going home on July 1st, he wanted to make sure and have a farewell dinner with my group since he won't see us off on July 12. That means my final interview will be with the new mission president, President Murphy. He will be my mission president for a week and a half before I leave. We will also have a farewell dinner with President Murphy and his wife the evening before we leave to go home, so we will get 2 farewell dinners. Hahaha! :p  We were also asked to send in some of our favorite photos during our mission so they can make a movie/slideshow of the missionaries who are leaving. We will get to watch it, and it will also be on the mission Facebook page for the families to see, so be looking for that in July. After the dinner was over, everyone got a chance to share their testimony. That was a really nice and spiritual day.

On Thursday before our zone meeting, my companion had to go to the mission office for an appointment with the President, his counselors and the stake president about some issues from his old ward in the Calderón stake before this last transfer. On our way to the offices, to my surprise, we bumped into Sister Varas and her son Julian. When I was in La Luz Ward from December 2014 to February 2015, I taught the Varas Family who got baptized while I was there! She mentioned that she recently was sealed to her husband in the temple! It was amazing to see that a family that I loved and taught are still active in the church and have continued to progress in the gospel! These are the things that mean the most to a missionary. I'm so glad I got to see how this amazing family has progressed!

On Friday, my companion and I met our district leader at the stake center to go on divisions. While we were there I saw Brother and Sister Viscaino setting up decorations. Sister Viscaino was baptized in April 2015 while I was in El Vergel Ward. They were super excited to see me! Hahahaha! They had also recently got sealed in the temple and were setting up decorations for a party they were having that night to celebrate the sealing. Sister Viscaino´s family aren't members of the church and couldn't come to the temple sealing, so they wanted them to participate in a celebration with them. It was so good to see that they were also active and progressing in the gospel. A wonderful few days to see my investigator families celebrating their sealing in the temple!

And other good news! We plan on having the baptisms of the Rosero-Fuen Mayor family this week! More on that next week!

Today was p-day, and my companion and I went to the Quicentro mall in Quito. Man, it's been a while since I had been there. My companion wanted to eat at McDonalds really bad. I hadn't eaten at a McDonalds since I was in the states. I wasn't too excited to try it since a lot of the American missionaries told me that the McDonalds food here was super gross, so I was prepared for the worst. Well, it was different. But it wasn't the food that was different...or maybe I've just been here too long that I don't remember. I had 2 McBacons. I don't remember those being on the menu in the states but it was basically just 2 small burgers with cheese and bacon. It was hard for me to remember what was on the menu in the states, but I didn't see a Big Mac. My companion got a happy meal (cajita feliz). I told him usually little kids ordered a happy meal in the US, but he told me that he always orders happy meals when he goes to McDonalds. Ok...whatever! :p The building looked like the one in America although it was 2 stories and on the second floor there was a playplace for kids. The McDonalds workers were what surprised me the most! The workers were well-kept and super happy. I didn't even step into the door all the way before one of the workers said, "Buenas Tardes!" with a huge smile on her face. While we were eating, many of the workers would walk by and smile and say, "Buen Provecho," which doesn't translate well but means something like, "Enjoy your meal." Even the manager went out of his way to come by our table and greet us. I had never seen so many people so happy to be working at McDonalds!

I guess you never what surprises will be thrown at you in a week! It was such a tender mercy from Heavenly Father for me to be able to see the Viscaino family and the Varas family again and know that they are now a sealed family for time and all eternity. Such a blessing!

Have a great week everyone! 

Elder Dyal

 My group at the Farewell Dinner with President and Sister Richardson

 My group at the Farewell Dinner with President and Sister Richardson

 Me with President and Sister Richardson

Me with President and Sister Richardson

 At the Quicentro Mall today for p-day

 Inside the Quicentro Mall

 Outside a sports arena

 McDonalds in Quito

This was a picture before Sister Viscaino's baptism over a year ago

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